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Fri Nov 22 07:35:30 EST 1996

k> I'm a marine biologist and I'm looking for a PC program that could help me
k> in drawing spotted distribution maps, where each spot represents a unique
k> geographic coordinate - e.g. a given latitude and longitude. 

k> I've thousands of samples to represent and without such an help I would be
k> forced to draw several differently sized maps and, on each of these, try to
k> locate the point corresponding to the coordinates of each sample - a
k> painstaking work, indeed.

k> The scale of the maps I need is not so detailed, in the order of
k> 1:25,000,000 to max about 1:1,000,000. Areas concerned are Indian and SW
k> Pacific Ocean. 

FLORIN Vidi can do that.  It is a part of FLORIN Information System
and supports mapping (digital maps) for localities (gathering sites)
and collection units, as well as automated generation of distribution
maps.  Though FLORIN has been initially designed for botanical
collections, it can handle marine samples as well or can be adapted
for that task.  For more information about the product you may visit
http://www.florin.ru/florin/ or send mail message to
floriner at florin.ru.


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