Graphing on the Mac? with LispStat

Steven D. Majewski sdm7g at elvis.med.Virginia.EDU
Mon Nov 18 16:54:08 EST 1996

You can also produce nice graphs with XlispStat 

It's oriented more towards interactive statistical graphics than
publication quality graphics production:

  It doesn't automatically give you drag-editing of captions and 
  other editing features ( although you could add these functions
  to the standard graph objects. ) 

  You can't print the graphs directly from XlispStat.

However, if you have ClarisWorks or some other drawing program,
you can cut and past the graphs into that program, and have full
editing functions and full res output. ( i.e. what you cut and 
paste are quickdraw vector graphics which you can ungroup and 
edit. ) 

You can see a screen dump of the graphs from a prototype of an
EDS analysis program I'm doing in XlispStat at:

And some samples of jitterplot/boxplot/cloudplots:

These graphs were produces with xlispstat using some additional 
extensions to the standard graph-object classes to support hierarchical
color overlays and some higher level graphics objects. Those sources,
plus some patches and bug fixes are available at the location above. 

Switching between two programs to do the job may not be worth the
effort if you are doing rather simple graphs, but there are advantages
to having a full Object-Oriented programming language at hand to
customize your graphs. 

[ On my wishlist would be something with similar capabilities to
  LispStat, but with GX graphics support ( so you could get REAL 
  trasparent overlay effects and other goodies. ) and done as an
  OpenDoc part editor! ] 

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