Prokaryotic Promoter scanning

Chris Fields cfields at gab.unt.edu
Fri Nov 15 19:21:10 EST 1996

R.C.Ogden wrote:
> Our lab has now regularly sequences degradative genes (mainly from
> Pseudomonas sp.). We would like to identify any upstream regulatory
> sequences, or potential regulatory sequences, such as promoters, known
> prokaryotic enhancers and regulator binding sites (such as those for LysR
> and NtrC regulator families).These seems to be several programs and web
> sites offering similar analysis of EUKARYOTIC sequence data but very
> little aimed at E.coli and other bacteria.  Can anyone suggest any
> resources to scan our upstream sequence ?

I believe you could use the help of the Baylor College of Medicine (or
more specifically, the BCM Search Launcher).  They are found on-line at
the following:


Good Luck!!

C. J. Fields
University of North Texas
cfields at gab.unt.edu

P.S.   I will keep you in mind.  Our lab here works with all kinds of
pseudomonads (most now reclassified).  I believe that the promoters
aren't much different from E. coli, but I may be wrong (we express P.
putida and P. aeruginosa genes in E. coli all the time).

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