Protein Secondary Structure Program

Inyup Park ipark at bioneer.kaist.ac.kr
Fri Nov 15 21:35:08 EST 1996

Hector Lucero (hlucero at bu.edu) wrote:
: Hi,

: I need to know if there is any program on the net that can take a protein 
: sequence and give a sort of graphycal output of its secondary structure. I 
: currently use the method by Gardiner in PCGENE program. That gives a linear 
: representation of the secondary structure like this:

: xxxxxxxxxxxxx*****- - - - - xxxxx- - >>>- - xxxxx etc., 

: where: 

: xxxxx = helical,

: ****** = coil,  

: - - - - - = extended and 

: >>>> = turn

: Does anybody knows of any program that outputs the  putative  secondary
: structure structure of the protein in a graphycal form.?

: Please let me know.

: Sincerely,

: Hector Lucero

I heard xsight does the job...

However, I have never used it and probably won't...
Budget constraints... :)
Don't you hate shelling out the bucks for a piece of program
before you know exactly what it is capable of?

Good luck with your software search,

InYup Park

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