Graphing on the Mac? with Statview?

James T. Platt platt at biomed.med.yale.edu
Wed Nov 13 14:36:39 EST 1996

>In article <3283659E.342F at imr.psi.ch>, leemann at imr.psi.ch wrote:
>Anybody using Statview out there? I don't use it very often but I think
>it has some potential. How would it compare to Kaleidagraph or Igor ?

	Yes, StatView is particularly good for making bar graphs with error bars. 
All you do is enter your raw data with replicates each in their own column
and go to the View window and select the kind of graph you want.  Error
bars are automatically calculated (as your choice of standard deviation,
standard error, etc.) and plotted.  There is no easier way to make such a

	StatView does have limitations in other areas.  For example, doing the
same thing with a line graph instead of a bar graph is limited because
there is no way to give x-coordinates to the points - they get evenly
spaced by column name.

James Platt

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