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Digby digby.society at pixie.co.za
Tue Nov 12 15:03:07 EST 1996

If your name is Digby, read on...

Dear Digby,


Tired of being a member of a society and not being able to remember
everyone's name?  Well that's one small benefit of being a member of
the Digby Society.  If you can recall your own name, then you should
be able to remember all the members' names.  Great news, huh?

Join the Digby Society.  Become one of the elite.  Meet interesting
people called Digby.  Receive incredible discounts when you do
business with other members.  Visit your friend Digby in some exotic
location.  Get smart, Digby, it's time to connect with your namesakes.
You could even find out what the name Digby means.

Membership applications are now being processed.  Membership is
currently FREE, thanks to a generous donation from our sponsor, the
famous Digby.

To be eligible for membership your name must be Digby.  There are
three categories of membership:
	Knight of the First Order:	Member's whose first name is Digby
	Master of the Realm:		Member's whose middle name is Digby
	Regent of the Guard:	Member's whose last name is Digby

(Please note that the motion proposed at the last AGM that we include
a membership category for people whose pet dog is called Digby was
DEFEATED.  This is issue is closed for debate!)

You must submit a copy of your birth certificate to:
	Membership Applications
	The Digby Society
	PO Box 10
	Melville 2109
	South Africa

In turn you will receive:
	1.	A membership certificate.  In a suitably calligraphic font you can
hang this masterpiece on your office / study wall and impress people.
(Certificates will only be issued on receipt of your birth
	2.	A copy of the rules and constitution of the Digby Society
	3.	Discounts on business activities with other members.
	4.	Members occasionally get newsletters when Digby gets his act
	5.	The database is also being updated.  You can request a list of
members living in a particular geographic area.  (Subject to a fee if
you ask for a hardcopied snail mail version.)
	6.	Members share a common purpose.  To make ourselves rich, to have
fun and die happy.

Members are obliged to:
	1.	Uphold the principles of the Digby Society: to get rich, to have
fun and die happy.
	2.	Give any certified members a generous discount in any business
deal.  Generous means at least 10% discount.
	3.	Go out of their way to help other members, within the bounds of
common sense, the law and good old generosity.
	4.	Comply with irritating rules like letting the society know when
your address changes.  

So what is the origin of the name Digby, Digby?  Send your answer to
us.  The question of the first mention of the name Digby in literature
is still being researched.

OK, so get your application in now, Digby.  Look forward to hearing
from you.

Best wishes


PS.  Not every Digby is connected to the net.  Spread the word, Digby.


The Digby Society
PO Box 10
Melville 2109
South Africa

fax:  (27)+(11)+482-3201
e-mail:  digby.society at pixie.co.za


Digby Ormond Brown
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

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