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> >This certainly is an active thread!
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> >I don't like KG's macro/programming language; it's
> >absolutely painful to use for any serious data analysis. 
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>         Heh heh.  I'm also an enthusiastic Kaleidagraph fan, but
> hate the macro language.  I'm currently doing some fairly complicated
> analysis that would be greatly simplified by the use of macros, but
> after spending hours trying to figure it out, I finally gave up.
> Writing a macro in Kaleidagraph is almost like programming in assembly 
> language...  Has anyone out there actually written macros?
>         If Kaleidagraph has such a faithful following, perhaps Synergy
> would be interested in either simplifying the macro language or 
> creating a front-end to the macro language...  This would greatly 
> enhance the power of Kaleidagraph.

The Macro language is one of the main reason I gave up on Kaleidagraph. 
The interface was fine and plotting was nice, but when I had to write my
own analysis scheme, forget it.  I couln't grok that macro stuff either. 
Now, to its credit Kal. does have a function window in which you can
define 10 (?) functions. That might do for some people.

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