Graphing on the Mac? with Statview?

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>Anybody using Statview out there? I don't use it very often but I think
>it has some potential. How would it compare to Kaleidagraph or Igor ?

Certainly are using it as basic robust stats package but am waiting for
Abacus to provide some more plug ins, eg. cluster analysis, they
apparently have been busy porting it to Windows lately. Its graphing
capabilites are excellent for traditional stats output - box plots,
histograms, scattergrams, etc. But no 3D, etc (Now wouldn't a circular and
spherical stats package be interesting?). It happily handles very large
data sets. Quality of output is very good to laserwriters. I have had good
support from Abacus and their local agent here in the land of OZ.

It's curve fitting capabilities are limited by the usual transformation of
dataas in spreadsheets. For this purpose I have found the shareware
program MacCurveFit ($25?) terrific. Simple straightforward and does its
job well. Graphics are OK but limited - however as PICT images easily
transport to your fav drawing package for manipulation.

The above two applications, Expressionist and ClarisWorks (V4) provided
all that I needed to do most of the analysis and presentation for my
doctoral thesis manipulating data sets of order of 20,000 entries. 

We did, however, have to write a purpose data interface / database from
the ground up that could not be accomodated by existing software but given
the way Igor is developing (including supporting polar and 3D) this would
probably not be as difficult.
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