Graphing on the Mac?

Jie Yuan jie.yuan at uc.edu
Tue Nov 12 07:53:02 EST 1996

In article <568aes$9gp at taurus.fccc.edu>, sauder at castor.fccc.edu (John
Michael Sauder) wrote:
> language...  Has anyone out there actually written macros?

We have written quite some (a few dozens of) macros for curve fittings. 
It is not too hard.

>         If Kaleidagraph has such a faithful following, perhaps Synergy
> would be interested in either simplifying the macro language or 
> creating a front-end to the macro language...  This would greatly 
> enhance the power of Kaleidagraph.

Not sure what you mean.  What a front end do you envision?


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