Graphing on the Mac?

Holger Skok skok at itw.uni-stuttgart.de
Tue Nov 12 05:10:32 EST 1996

In article <568aes$9gp at taurus.fccc.edu>, sauder at castor.fccc.edu (John
Michael Sauder) wrote:

>Writing a macro in Kaleidagraph is almost like programming in assembly 
>language...  Has anyone out there actually written macros?

>        If Kaleidagraph has such a faithful following, perhaps Synergy
>would be interested in either simplifying the macro language or 
>creating a front-end to the macro language...  This would greatly 
>enhance the power of Kaleidagraph.

I use AppleScript to assemble the bits and pieces of the KG
macro commands I need to generate the plots. Unfortunately, the
save dialogs KG puts up are NOT standard dialogs, so Okey-Dokey
cannot close them. If I was doing any serious processing, I'd have
to turn to something like Keyquencer to script those, too. 
What KG needs is to "applescriptify" itself. That way one could
use any OSA language - AS, Frontier, or PERL - to drive KG. We'll
see what Synergy will present in terms of upgrade for KG. 
Recordability would be a great plus. Or imagine this:

tell application "Kaleidagraph 4.0" 
   open "My example plot"
   tell curve 1 of window 1 to fit "polynomial fit, 3"
   tell curve 1 of window 1 to copy fit to clipboard
end tell
tell application "Claris Works"
   open "my example spreadsheet"
   tell window 1 to paste contents of clipboard as text at "A15"
   quit saving yes
end tell

What I have read on this ng is that at least all the modal 
editing windows that KG pops up on different occasions will
be non-modal in the next release. 


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