Graphing on the Mac?

John Michael Sauder sauder at castor.fccc.edu
Mon Nov 11 17:47:56 EST 1996

In article <rjh-0911961407280001 at nntp.stanford.edu> rjh at leland.stanford.edu (Robert Hohlfelder) writes:
>This certainly is an active thread!
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>I don't like KG's macro/programming language; it's
>absolutely painful to use for any serious data analysis. 
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>      - Robert
>rjh at leland.stanford.edu      http://www-leland.stanford.edu/~rjh/

	Heh heh.  I'm also an enthusiastic Kaleidagraph fan, but
hate the macro language.  I'm currently doing some fairly complicated
analysis that would be greatly simplified by the use of macros, but
after spending hours trying to figure it out, I finally gave up.
Writing a macro in Kaleidagraph is almost like programming in assembly 
language...  Has anyone out there actually written macros?

	If Kaleidagraph has such a faithful following, perhaps Synergy
would be interested in either simplifying the macro language or 
creating a front-end to the macro language...  This would greatly 
enhance the power of Kaleidagraph.

                                --  Mike S. (M_Sauder at fccc.edu)

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