Graphing on the Mac?

I. Biaggio biaggio at iqe.phys.ethz.ch
Mon Nov 11 04:11:10 EST 1996

> and graph windows open. I don't like KG's macro/programming language; it's
> absolutely painful to use for any serious data analysis. I use Mathematica
> A previous poster mentioned proFit, which I'd never heard of. I checked
> out the web page ( http://www.cherwell.com/cherwell/ProdHome/proFit.html
> ), and it looks very interesting!
>       - Robert

Robert, you bring up an interesting point about macro language.
After all, one needs to write the functions if one wants to plot them...

The macro language of pro Fit is very similar to the standard
language PASCAL, which means that you can do pretty much everything 
with it.
(and also that you don't have to "learn" it if you know programming)


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