Graphing on the Mac? The answer!

Richard P Grant rgrant at worf.molbiol.ox.ac.uk
Mon Nov 11 04:10:33 EST 1996

Glad you're happy!  
Can you tell us how well K-graph writes/reads other formats?  Can it write
PICTs, will it read C-graph / Excel data files / charts??

I think we should be told.

S L Forsburg (forsburg at salk.edu) gibbered:

} I found my way to http://www.synergy.com/ and downloaded a demo package
} of Kaleidagraph.  Incidentally, that's a great way to sell software;
} I'm much more inclined to buy a package if I can try it out first. 
} After some time fiddling, I pretty much figured out how to make 
} Kaleidagraph do what I wanted to be able to do (although I'm looking
}  forward to a manual for syntax details).  Looks like a friendly and
}  capable program.  Sold!  

} Thanks to everyone for your comments.  Happy plotting.  ;-)

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