Graphing on the Mac?

Robert Hohlfelder rjh at leland.stanford.edu
Sat Nov 9 17:08:26 EST 1996

This certainly is an active thread!

I have used Kaleidagraph for years. It produces nice looking plots and
offers good control over the appearance of plots. I like the
curve-fitting; it's fast and powerful. Additionally, I have found it to be
extremely stable. I never worry about KG crashing even with lots of data
and graph windows open. I don't like KG's macro/programming language; it's
absolutely painful to use for any serious data analysis. I use Mathematica
for that and export text data files into KG.

I'm too scared of Igor's learning curve. However, the people I know who
use Igor _really_ like it, and it seems to have extremely powerful fitting
and data manipulation capabilities.

A previous poster mentioned proFit, which I'd never heard of. I checked
out the web page ( http://www.cherwell.com/cherwell/ProdHome/proFit.html
), and it looks very interesting!

      - Robert

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