Looking for a multi-sequence alignment program

Gilles Querat gquerat at inserm-u372.univ-mrs.fr
Fri Nov 8 11:29:22 EST 1996

In article <55v1a0$qsi at arcturus.ciril.fr>, pingouin at crystal.u-strasbg.fr
(Francois Jeanmougin) wrote:

> In article <3282FA20.1774 at bbsrc.ac.uk>,
>         Andy Phillips <andy.phillips at bbsrc.ac.uk> writes:
> [...]
> >The only hassle is getting the files into the right format for Clustal. 
> >
>         Second, Clustalw could read several formats (like fasta format...),
> so it depends of what is your sequences format first. Installing Readseq
> from Don Gilbert is a good solution:
> ftp://ftp.bio.indiana.edu/molbio/readseq
> I have fetch the Mac version of readseq from the indiana.edu site but,
so far, I have been unable to run it on either 68K or PPC. Does anyone
have a suggestion?


Gilles Querat
Marseille France

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