Graphing on the Mac?

I. Biaggio biaggio at iqe.phys.ethz.ch
Thu Nov 7 07:54:58 EST 1996

S L Forsburg wrote:
> Time to purchase software for an additional PPC Mac.  Up till now I
> have used Cricketgraph, although I don't like the newer version as
> much as I liked the old ones for ease of use and general friendliness
> and it seems rather crash-prone on the 040 machines it has been
> running on.  I'm seeking your recommendations....nothing fancy
> required, just standard sorts of plots or histograms on exponential or
> arithmetic  axes.  I have no experience with Deltagraph, which looks
> like the most reasonable alternative.
> Comments and opinions sought!!
Deltagraph is not really good for scientific plotting and number
There is Igor, which has a steep learning curve, and there is pro Fit
[the Fit stays for curve fitting], which can also do lots of things but
is much easier to use than  Igor. 
Many people still use Kaleidagraph, but IMHO pro Fit is, although
perhaps less known, a lot better than Kaleidagraph.

pro Fit 5.0 is from cherwell scientific (e-mail: csp.usa at cherwell.com,
on the web at <http://www.cherwell.com/cherwell/>).

Check it out at 


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