MAC: PD,SW Chemical formula drawing, where ?

Jan Kim kim at violet.mpiz-koeln.mpg.de
Thu Nov 7 08:07:41 EST 1996

Thorsten Becker <becker at geophysik.uni-frankfurt.de> wrote:

> 	I am looking for a shareware/freeware/PD software for the Mac to draw
> complicated chemical formula. I know of something like "ChemEdit", but
> it does apparently only accept single atom substituents at a C-atom
> ring. "ChemDrawNet" is very advanced, but the student's version does
> allow one only to VIEW formulae, no word about saving. 

For TeX / LaTeX, there are packages for typesetting structral formulae
in various ways, one of them is called XymTeX. I never needed to typeset
formulae myself, though; but I've seen papers done with such packages,
they are professional quality (as most stuff done with TeX). And there's
no crippleware problem, the packages are available from any CTAN archive,
e.g. ftp.dante.de .

Greetinx, Jan
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