How do you extract a "gzip" file?

Paul Sanschagrin sanschag at sol.bch.msu.edu
Tue Nov 5 17:28:55 EST 1996

D. KIM wrote:
> The subject says it all:  How so I extract a gzip file (filename.ps.gz)
> using either UNIX or DOS?
> Thanks
> Daniel Kim
You need to obtain GNU's gzip program. There is both a MSDOS
.exe file and a UNIX tar file (I believe you have to compile,
so you may need gcc of you don't have.) The UNIX version decompresses
with gzip -d filename, but I'm not sure how the DOS version works.
Also, Winzip will handle gzip compresses (among other things).
Hope this is useful,

				Paul Sanschagrin
				sanschag at sol.bch.msu.edu
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