Vector NTi, Cloneworks and others...

Hugo Klaassen hugo at sgi.celgen.kuleuven.ac.be
Thu May 30 11:12:36 EST 1996

I have tried demos of Cloneworks (the WORSE prgram for cloning and 
plasmid drawing that I have seen for win95) and Vector NTi. The latter 
is a lot better (and cheaper I think) but the common denominator for 
both of them is that they are EXTREMELY UNINTUITIVE, low on user 
friendliness and therefore rather difficult to learn.
My question is this:
having WIN95 machines, what is out there that I could use (pay- share- 
or freeware) that would be user friendly, intuitive (preferably written 
by people who clone not by people who write programs) and is not a whole 
package like DNAStar etc.

ThanX for the info, I will summarize the answers (if any)


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