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Hiroki hiroki at limerick.cbs.umn.edu
Fri May 31 17:15:44 EST 1996

Jerry Learn (learn at u.washington.edu) wrote:

: PCs are all that there is in Russia?).  I am somewhat aware of HTML
: editors and converters for Macs and UNIX.  Our lab recently bought Adobe
: PageMill (approx $70US acad.).  It seems to be pretty nifty and well worth
: the price.

There are a couple of html helper modes for 
emacs; emacs runs on macs, pc's and unix boxes. 
GNNpress has binaries for mac, pc, suns (is wsiwygish)
BBedit (mac)
Alpha (mac) also have html support.
HTMLedit or some name like that. Look in the WWW-related 
sections of your favorite mac ftp archive, and you'll find 
any number of html related apps. 
These are the shareware or freeware ones that come to mind.

What's wrong with using a plain text editor?


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