Help needed with MS Excel badly!

Joe Koeniger kopniger at mail.ameritel.net
Wed May 29 10:31:11 EST 1996

Hi, I have a problem with MS Excel.  It's hard to explain what I want, so I'll 
give you an example..

I have one column with names (most appear more than once), and about 3 columns 
of data:
     A            B         C          D
1 Bob Barker     10         20        30
2 Forrest Gump   43        54       234
3 Bob Barker    32400       344      5432
4 Bob Barker     2320        32      3421
5 Forrest Gump     32       237      1239
6- More names

Ok, now I need to sort them by name, add all the totals of the B's, the C's, 
and the D's into the first row with the name (i.e. row 1 with all the totals 
for bob barker, and row two with all the totals for forrest). Then I need to 
delete all the lines for the person _but_ the first one with all the totals.  
So, the final output would be

     A                 B                    C                     D
1 Bob Barker  (Total of the three)  (Total of the three)  (Total of the three)
2 Forrest     (Total of the three)  (Total of the three)  (Total of the three)
3- More names sorted.

Right now I am doing this manually, but I have over 1000 lines in this one 
file, which is about 176k.  I also have some files that are over 2 meg, which 
would be impossible for me to do manually.

I would _GREATLY_ appreciate any help, and please reply to my e-mail address.  
Either koeniger at mail.ameritel.net or preferrably jkoeniger.paxr at veda.com.  

Joe Koeniger
jkoeniger.paxr at veda.com

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