Amino Acid Alignment Formating

Geoff Barton gjb at bioch.ox.ac.uk
Wed May 29 09:35:12 EST 1996

Jeffrey J. Huckaby wrote:
> Netters
>         I am search for a Mac and/or Unix SunOS program that formats
> multiple sequence alignments for publication such that the similar amino
> acids are shaded and the identities are boxed...or some format close to
> this one.
>         Any leads would be appreciated....
> Feel free to respond to me directly.
> CHeers
> Jeff

ALSCRIPT runs on Unix and DOS and will do what you want.  It is
flexible, but will take a bit of learning.  ALSCRIPT provides 
PostScript output.  You might also like to try our AMAS WWW server.  
See the WWW address below to find out how to obtain the software and
to see on-line manuals for both programs.

There is also a program called BOXSHADE that does this sort of thing.
I've limited experience of this program, but it appears to 
support lots of different graphics formats.  Perhaps the authors of 
that program could post details again?


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