End-Note and End-Link??Has anyone any experience with them!

SL Forsburg susan_forsburg at qm.salk.edu
Tue May 28 12:42:53 EST 1996

Graham Dellaire wrote:
> Hello does any one have any experience with End-link and/or EndNote
> SHould I get both or just EndNote?  Are they worth the money?

I'm a very satisfied ENDNOTE user, and its WORD module makes 
writing very easy.  it also works well as a DA for other processors.
 If you plan on importing references (from  current contents, medline, 
etc) you need to get Endlink.  It has numerous conversion filters 
and they are easy to modify.  If you are going to enter all your
refs by hand, then you don't need Endlink.

susan, who has no affiliation with Niles or Microsoft
Susan L Forsburg PhD
MBVL, The Salk Institute
susan_forsburg at qm.salk.edu

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