promoter analyses

Andrey A.Ptitsyn ptitsyn at BENPC.BIONET.NSK.SU
Mon May 20 09:05:22 EST 1996

No problem at all... First, look at 
http://www.bionet.nsk.su/SRCG and find there the Transcription
Regulation Regions Database with connections to the other 
related databases like TRANSFAC, EPD, etc. By the way,
the TRRD development group leader is currently close to
your site, in Germany: ake at GBF-Braunschweig.de You may
contact him personally.
In ftp://ftp.bionet.nsk.su you can also find the AUG - computer
system that includes a program for eucariotic promoter recognition
as well as the other routines ( poly-a, ALU, exone prediction, etc.)
For the latest versions of promoter recognition programs contact
dr. Kel (e-mail above);
Andrey A. Ptitsyn
> We are desperately looking for a program or database which can identify 
> putative promoter elements in a given DNA-sequence. Does anybody know 
> such a program/database or Internet-site ?
> Many thanks
> Hans M. Rupp
> Dept. Gen. Genetics
> Univ. of Tuebingen, Germany

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