Are there smaller versions of Genbank or Swiss-prot?

Don Gilbert gilbertd at sunflower.bio.indiana.edu
Sat May 18 03:41:53 EST 1996

Perhaps you want to try the Internet service SRS-Fasta, which lets you select
subsets of Genbank & Swiss-Prot with the powerful SequenceRetrievalSoftware,
such as all those refering to bacteria (though the subset may well be 
redundant), then use FastA to do a similarity search on that subset.

Take a look at http://iubio.bio.indiana.edu:81/srsfasta/
if you like.

In article <DrKrwD.3tC at world.std.com>,
Charles A Miller <oravaxcm at world.std.com> wrote:
>I am looking for a small version of Genbank or Swiss-Prot. It would 
>essentially consist of non-redundant sequences, sequences that are
>somewhat specific for bacteria, etc. I would also like to locate
>a program that can search custom databases (Mac or PC) created
>by the user.
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