What kind of software is this, please give me advise!

Richard.Rowe at jcu.edu.au Richard.Rowe at jcu.edu.au
Thu May 16 18:40:13 EST 1996

Susan Archer <sarcher at metronet.com> writes:

various things ... and probably feels vindicated about something.

Among many other classifications the world includes:
1) people who write software
2) people who use software
3) people who profit from (parasitise?) the relationship between groups 1 & 2.
In the third group I would include both the original Dutch poster who had the pirated software, the producer of the pirate software CD AND the enormous heap of MBAs, exclusive agents, restrictive sales agreement generators, the plethora of software 'advisors' etc.
I personally feel that no-one in the third group has the moral high ground. I note with some interest that software licenses now deny that the product is fit for any purpose including those for which it is sold!
Life was simpler when group 2 was group 1. Bugs were frequent, exciting, and usually fixable. You might even get to the software writer to explain the problem, not be warded off by 30 intermediate layers, all apparently computer illiterate and with no idea of the product or users which support their lifestyle.

Thanks Susan for the opportunity to write this it has made me feel better. By the way, are you a 1), 2) or a 3)?

Richard Rowe

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