TreeView -- version 1.2 of tree drawing program available

Rod Page r.page at bio.gla.ac.uk
Wed May 15 11:28:31 EST 1996

TreeView is a free program for drawing phylogenies on Apple Macs and 
Windows PCs. The program reads NEXUS, PHYLIP, Clustal W and similar tree 

Version 1.2 is now available on the Taxonomy at Glasgow server 

Changes in version 1.2

Support for Hennig86. TreeView can read and write Hennig86 tree files.

As implied above, TreeView can now save trees in the same formats it can 
read, so it can be used to convert tree files to different formats.

The font used to label internal nodes (and the scale bar) can be changed 
independently of the font used to label the terminal taxa.

Platform specific changes

The Win32 version now supports the Windows95 look and feel (i.e., long 
file names, Explorer style Open and Save dialog boxes, new 16 x 16 
icons, etc). The distribution file for the Win32 version is rather 
larger the other versions (sorry), even though the program itself is not 
much bigger. This is because it comes with a new installation program 
that obeys the Windows95 rules for installing programs (i.e., associates 
icons with the document, enters the program in the registry, and 
provides for an Uninstall option).

The Mac version has a couple of minor bugs (to do with the font menu and 
file closing) fixed.


The manual is no longer distributed with the program, instead it is 

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