What kind of software is this, please give me advise!

Susan Archer sarcher at metronet.com
Mon May 13 17:44:04 EST 1996

Peter Beruk
Director of Domestic Anti-Piracy
Software Publishers Association

Dear Mr. Beruk,

Recently a message was posted to several newsgroups regarding pirating 
software.  The original message was apparently from an international 
source but has since been deleted, at least from my news server.  What 
concerns me is that the following individual from a US company responded 
in this way:

wizkid at sirius.com wrote:
> Don't buy anything from the software companies! $500 for Pagemaker or
> Adobe Photoshop. All we pay for is the damn advertisting that they do.
> Support pirate software!!! They blame that they lose money from
> pirating. yeah right. Look at how much they make. people can't affored
> to buy 5 disk for $500. Damn software manufactures rip us off, and we
> let them, what a joke!!!

This person is from Sirius Connections, part of Sirius Solutions at 340 
Townsend St., Suite 540, San Francisco, CA, 415-284-4700.  Is there any 
action that can be taken to protect our industry from people like this?

Your input would be greatly appreciated.

Susan Archer
Software Testing Institute
sarcher at metronet.com

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