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Sat May 11 16:07:50 EST 1996

Dr. Duncan Clark (duncan at genesys.demon.co.uk) wrote:
: In article <john.weil-0905961124190001 at cressman.uchsc.edu>, "John V.
: Weil" <john.weil at uchsc.edu> writes
: >In article <3190A94E.34FB at d-access.demon.co.uk>, user
: ><user at d-access.demon.co.uk> wrote:
: >
: >>  
: >> Healthworks is able to offer annual 
: >> subscriptions at 420 pounds sterling (35 pounds sterling per month), 
: >
: >This seems very expensive - Grateful Med from the National Library of
: >Medicine - the source of Medline- has recently come online via the web
: >with a what appears to be a very modest charge/search and no minimum or
: >subscription fee.

: Have you a web address for this?

There are several Medline access services, including Grateful Med,
listed at


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