Plasmid Software

Barclay Morrison III bmorriso at red.seas.upenn.edu
Thu May 9 16:29:41 EST 1996

Subject: Plasmid Software Feedback
Newsgroups: bionet.software
Keywords: software opinions review vector molecular biology

I am looking to purchase a software package, preferably on the Windows 
platform, to keep organized records of plasmid stocks. I would also like 
to analyze the plasmid sequences for restriction sites, primer synthesis 
as well as generate detailed maps.

I would like to get some feedback on what software people curently use. 
So far I have gotten demos for WinPlas and Vector NTI. I am in the 
process of comparing these now, but if anyone has had experience with 
these, I'd really like to hear how well they have satified your needs.

I read this group regularly so you can post here if you think a general 
discussion would be helpful, or you can email me at the address below.

JB Morrison
bmorriso at eniac.seas.upenn.edu

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