ANNOUNCE: Primer Design Program

Kay Brown sales at PremierBiosoft.com
Thu May 9 15:31:06 EST 1996

Primer Premier 4 is now available for Power Macintosh and Window 3.1, NT as 
well as Windows 95. Primers can be designed for PCR, sequencing or 
hybridization probes automatically or with full manual control. From the 
selected pool of primers mutually compatible Nested/Multiplex primers or pairs 
can be chosen. Any primer can be mutated using the editing facility. Full 
degeneracy is supported. Comprehensive analyis of secondary structures as well 
as a table of properties including melting temperature calculated using 
nearest neighbor theory and optimal annealing temperature is displayed for 
each primer. 

The selected primers can be managed with the database storage facility. The 
program even makes the primer synthesis process painless by automatically 
creating an order form addressed to the vendor of your choice. 

Restriction enzyme analysis is available with multiple output formats: table, 
annotated sequence or map. Functions to edit the sequence and to translate it 
using standard or any mitochondrial/organelle codon table is provided. Graphs 
of melting temperature, internal stability and free energy are available 
on-line as well as in printed format.

Contact PREMIER Biosoft International at :
Phone: 415.856.2703
Fax: 415.843.1250
E-mail: Sales2PremierBiosoft.com

Or visit http://www.PremierBiosoft.com for free demostration software.  


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