New software for analysis of spatial correlation of DNA-motifs

Kerstin Quandt quandt at gsf.de
Thu May 9 08:45:38 EST 1996

We would like to announce the availability of a new software tool for
the detection of spatial correlations of elements on DNA sequences

GenomeInspector is a software package with a graphical user interface
designed for comparative analysis of megabase sequences (we tested it 
with whole yeast chromosomes). However, there is no upper or lower
sequence limit.
The distribution of sets of genomic structures
like open reading frames, transcription factor binding sites,
retrotransposons, or any other motifs can be displayed by various means.
Any two sets (or more, with a few additional program steps) of
structures can also be correlated and sequence elements that are of 
interest can be extracted.
Thus, pairs of correlated elements and their distance can be selected.

For the method and short examples, see:

      Quandt, K., Grote, K., Werner, T.:
      GenomeInspector: Basic Software Tools for Analysis of Spatial
        Correlations between Genomic Structures within Megabase
      Genomics 33, 301-304 (1996)

Due to the versatility of this complex program system, it is absolutely
necessary to read the supplied user-guide CAREFULLY, before starting
to use the software!!!

The software, a detailed user-guide and an example-session plus
data is available for different platforms (UNIX only, X11) at


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