Software for managing references from medline (mainly)???

Bernard Murray bernard at elsie.nci.nih.gov
Tue May 7 02:08:25 EST 1996

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>>Anyone got good shareware to do all this in some easy manner.
>   PAPYRUS is excellent. It accepts all the formats in which
>   references are downloaded. It will even index all the words
>   in the abstracts (if you want it to). The best $100 I ever
>   spent!

I wholeheartedly agree.  The craziest (good) thing about it is
the licence agreement eg. the free (functional) demo that comes
with it, and the policy that allows as many copies of the
referencing program as you need and only limits you as to the
number of distinct databases that you can maintain.  Dave Goldman
must have had a vocation for this.  I don't pretend to understand
why, I'm just glad he did.
	I suppose for a balanced point of view Papyrus may not be
to everyone's tastes as it tends to go for functionality rather
than bells and whistles.  At the end of the day you pays your money...


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