debate on pirated software

Menczel Laszlo MENCZEL at everx.szbk.u-szeged.hu
Mon May 6 03:59:15 EST 1996

wizkid at sirius.com wrote:
> Don't buy anything from the software companies! $500 for Pagemaker 
> or Adobe Photoshop. All we pay for is the damn advertisting that 
> they do. Support pirate software!!! They blame that they lose money 
> from pirating. yeah right. Look at how much they make. people can't 
> affored to buy 5 disk for $500. Damn software manufactures rip us 
> off, and we let them, what a joke!!!


Basically I agree that a certain degree of rip-off is happening. Not
to mention that the 'high quality' software offered is many times 
nothing else but a huge lot of unwanted 'features' crammed into a 
big, impossible to undertstand program (see e.g. Microsoft Word for 
Windows). Why people pay a lot of money for such software is a 
mistery to me.

However, the solution is not stealing software, but to make better 
ones -- and give them away free. I suggest that you look up what the
Free Software Foundation is (and does). If you are a 'wizkid', join 
them and make us happy by writing a few wonderful programs!

Also you might want to protest when software companies try to prevent 
universities from releasing the software they developed using public 
money. (This really happened, and they had the temerity to say it was 
unfair competition.)

Laszlo Menczel
Biological Research Center
Szeged, Hungary

E-mail: menczel at szbk.u-szeged.hu

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