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Russell L. Malmberg russell at dogwood.botany.uga.edu
Mon May 6 07:17:02 EST 1996

Some molecular biology programs compiled for the alpha NT platform:

I have set up a web page of software that I compiled for DEC alphas running
Windows NT.  These are (mostly) not programs written by me, but rather are
the fine programs that many bionet.software contributors have written.  I have
just compiled them for this specific platorm, and (with the author's permissions)
put them on this one web page.  I hope they might be useful to the small, but
fortunate, number of biologists who have an alpha running Windows NT.

Note: These programs, in this form, will not run on Windows NT on an Intel CPU.
Most of them are available at other archive sites for Intel CPUs.

Some programs are command-line, some are windowed.

ClustalWA.zip --  Multiple sequence alignment program
   original source authors Des Higgins, Julie Thompson, Toby Gibson
GeneDocA.zip -- Sequence alignment viewer
   original source author Karl Nicholas
Molphy22.alpha.zip -- Phylogenetic analysis
   original source author Jun Adachi, Masami Hasegawa
NCBIprog.alpha.tar.gz -- Nentrez, Blast, Sequin: Sequence database searches
   multiply authored from NCBI
Peaks05.alpha.zip -- Integrates areas in HPLC data
   source author Russell Malmberg
Phylip.alpha.zip -- Phylogenetic analysis
   source author Joe Felsenstein
readseqA.exe -- DNA/Protein Sequence format conversions
   source author Don Gilbert
SeqPup.alpha.tar.gz -- DNA/Protein Sequence analysis
   source author Don Gilbert

Russell L. Malmberg
russell at dogwood.botany.uga.edu

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