calcium buffer software

Dennis Churchill dchurchi at acs.ucalgary.ca
Mon May 6 10:58:15 EST 1996

I posted concerning this topic a month ago and haven't got around to posting a summary post.
So here it is. Thanks to all those who responded to my original post (as Caren Helbing by 
accident). This is a copy of the mail I received from Theo Schoenmakers who gave a complete 
summary of what is generally available.

-Fabiato & Fabiato. Classic program in use since beginning of the 80's.
Don't know on what systems it runs now, but was designed for something big
like the old PDP-11. Correspondingly archaic design, but correct
-Chelator, by myself. DOS, freeware. Menus-and-windows interface plus
mouse. No help menu, just a thin paper manual. Complete freedom of
entering chelator, metals and their stability constants (comes with some
sets predefined). Is designed to take some less common binding equilibria
into account. Send me an email if you want it.
Schoenmakers,TJM; Visser,GJ; Flik,G; Theuvenet,APR (1992): CHELATOR: An
improved method for computing metal ion concentrations in physiological
solutions. Biotechniques 12, 870-879.
-BAD, Bound and Determined, by Brooks and Storey. DOS, freeware. Comes
with some predefined constants. Have to get used to its interface...
Brooks,SPJ; Storey,KB (1992): Bound and determined: a computer program
for making buffers of defined ion concentrations. Anal.Biochem. 201,
-MaxChelator, by Chris Patton. In a DOS and a Windows flavour. Very well
documented with a help file. Easy to use. Comes with several predefined
sets of stability constants, but will only calculate the basic binding
reactions. Nice additional features, such as graphs for interpreting the
effect of buffering as a function of [chelator] etc. Grab it at his
Bers,DM; Patton,CW; Nuccitelli,R (1994): A practical guide to the
preparation of Ca{+2+} buffers. Chap. 1. In: A practical guide to the
study of calcium in living cells. (Ed: Nuccitelli,R) (Methods in Cell
Biology, 40.) Academic Press, San Diego, USA, 3-29.

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