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Course in Resampling Statistics

An introduction to the "new statistics" of resampling will
be offered June 3-5 in Washington, DC.  Resampling -
bootstrap, permutation, and other tests - has revolutionized
the field of statistics.  Resampling is now the method of
choice for confidence limits, hypothesis tests, and other
everyday inferential problems.  

Resampling is for both experts and non-statisticians.  With
resampling procedures you use the given sample data to
repeatedly simulate hypothetical "re-samples", recalculating
the statistic of interest.  No "black-box" formulas will
hide the underlying statistical procedure.

This is an introductory course, with no specific pre-
requisites, though a familiarity with basic probability and
descriptive statistics will help.  

For information reply by email to:
syoung at netaxs.com

Resampling Project
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