What kind of software is this, please give me advise!

Scott Morris root at emanon.com
Sat May 4 07:43:50 EST 1996

wizkid at sirius.com wrote:
> Don't buy anything from the software companies! $500 for Pagemaker or
> Adobe Photoshop. All we pay for is the damn advertisting that they do.
> Support pirate software!!! They blame that they lose money from
> pirating. yeah right. Look at how much they make. people can't affored
> to buy 5 disk for $500. Damn software manufactures rip us off, and we
> let them, what a joke!!!

Be real...  Even people who happen to be "real" pirates have a 
particular code of honor.  You're one of the slimy types apparantly who 
always will use pirated software.  Even though the software industy 
whines about how many pirates there are, a good number of them in the 
utilities scenes have a code of honor.  Use piracy to test software to 
determine whether it truly suits your needs or not, and if it does, buy 
it!  If it's worth enough to you that you gain a benefit from using it, 
then you should also pay for it.  They sunk all the money into creating 
something that you apparantly like enough to hunt it down, so be a real 
man and pirate.

I can agree with you on some things about software companies, but the 
more competition, they've been getting better about things.  Some 
companies, you still cannot get your hands on the full software for a 
demo/eval for a period of time while deciding whether to buy it or 
not...  I agree with you that it's a waste to buy the software only when 
you find out that it doesn't do what was promised and you have no 
recourse in terms of returning opened software for a refund.  Many 
companies are starting to do 60-120 days of evaluation on full product 
(not crippled software) which is a GREAT answer to this.  IF the 
software meets your needs though, you should still go and buy the damn 
thing, that way you aren't guilty of the same logic of screwing people 
that you accuse the software companies of....


PS.  I know the scene, and I also know the code of honor that MOST of 
the utility-oriented people have.  Gamers are different, but we won't 
get into that....

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