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>If anyone knows of any good software or programs which can be used for
>analysis of multiple inhibitors can they give me a call at the address
>below.  (Mac versions especially).  We have have examined the effect of
>inhibitors on a cell type which has 2 forms of a protein, a resistant and a
>sensitive protein.  We would like to try and fit the data and analyze
>inhibitory constants presumably by using something that can fit data to
>nonlinear least squares regression.  We would be willing to purchase
>software for this purpose.
>lfliegel at gpu.srv.ualberta.ca

If it is only for the curve fit, where you can apply your own formula to
fit the data (i.e. you know how the kinetics of multiple inhibitors are
mathematically modelled), I highly recommend MacCurveFit, shareware ($25
or so) by Kevin Raner. Most recent version 1.2.1. V2.0 is developed at the
moment. The program fits a curve (which you describe mathematically) to
data (you feed it)  and graphs it for you. Multiple parameters can be fit


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