What kind of software is this, please give me advise!

Andy McFadden fadden at netcom.com
Fri May 3 23:37:59 EST 1996

In article <318AA1EC.63AE at sirius.com>,  <wizkid at sirius.com> wrote:
>Don't buy anything from the software companies! $500 for Pagemaker or 
>Adobe Photoshop. All we pay for is the damn advertisting that they do. 
>Support pirate software!!! They blame that they lose money from 
>pirating. yeah right. Look at how much they make. people can't affored 
>to buy 5 disk for $500. Damn software manufactures rip us off, and we 
>let them, what a joke!!!

I think the net is better off without discussion #582795 about software
piracy.  Nobody has managed to convince the other side of anything yet.

Please keep one thing in mind: whatever else you want to say about it,
software piracy is illegal, and asking for support for pirated software
on Usenet is, at best, stupid.  Please refrain.

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