What kind of software is this, please give me advise!

Cem Kaner cemkaner at netcom.com
Fri May 3 20:28:51 EST 1996

This guy is obviously trolling for flames. Now that I see (in 
comp.software.testing, anyway) that some people are getting hooked, please.

Spare your fingers, and our bandwidth. Breath deeply. Spend your time on 
something useful instead.

Ronald / Sonja (veloo at worldaccess.nl) wrote:
: Hello out there,

: Here is my story ..................

: Via some friends I got a CD-rom from the Middle East which contains about 600 
: Mb of valuable software. Of course, I know, this is not a legal copy and you 
: won't find it in a normal store in the western countries like Europe, Australia 
: and US. Anyway, I don't mind of course about this. After installation of the 
: most valuable software like Windows95 (& Plus Options), MS Backoffice products 
: and Corel Draw 6 (yes, it's true, all on one CD!) there were some 30 other 

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