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Fri May 3 03:46:49 EST 1996

In article <lfliegel-020596150217 at fliegel-2.cvascular.med.ualberta.ca>,
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> If anyone knows of any good software or programs which can be used for
> analysis of multiple inhibitors can they give me a call at the address
> below.  (Mac versions especially).  We have have examined the effect of
> inhibitors on a cell type which has 2 forms of a protein, a resistant and a
> sensitive protein.  We would like to try and fit the data and analyze
> inhibitory constants presumably by using something that can fit data to
> nonlinear least squares regression.  We would be willing to purchase
> software for this purpose.
> lfliegel at gpu.srv.ualberta.ca

If you are intereted in simulating the kinetic mechanism, I strongly
recommend KinSim, which is a VAX program, or its Mac version, HopKinSim,
which was ported to Mac by people at Johns Hopkins U. This is a very nice
program and is a postcard ware.
Unfortunately, I don't have the URL on hand, but I found it with Web
search. Give it a try.  If you have difficulty, E_mail me.

Good luck.

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