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Lance Corey lance at neuro.pharmacology.ubc.ca
Fri May 3 15:15:12 EST 1996

There is a program called MAXCHELATOR by Chris Patton that will do what you
wish.  You can obtain a copy from his WWW homepage.  The following is part
of the message he sent me.

     The latest versions of MAXCHELATOR for DOS and Windows can now be
downloaded from the World Wide Web site:


     The math for ionic contributions has been significantly improved,
especially on the Windows version.


Ian.Musgrave at med.monash.edu.au (Ian Musgrave) wrote:

>G'Day All
>Does anyone know of a public domain/shareware program to calculate appropriate 
>calcium/edta buffers for precise calcium concentrations. There was a program 
>called CABUFFER listed in the IUBIO archives, but it appears to have been 
>removed from the server, and my searches have turned up nothing else.
>Cheers! Ian
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