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> Does anybody know any methods, preferably recent, for the identification
> of protein secretory sequences and for prediciting the site of cleavage
> between a signal sequence and the mature exported protein. I currently
> have the paper of G. von Heljne (1986) Nucleic acids research, 14(11),
> but I would prefer computer program that performs the analysis.

In the University of Indiana biology archive, at 
in the section on Macintosh programs there is a (Macintosh) program called
AnalyseSignalase that applies the von Heijne method for eukaryotes (I know
because I wrote the program). I also have a version for prokaryotes. There
are surely PC versions available, but I don't know where. There may have
been neural net approaches to this problem, which you might find by
looking through CABIOS.

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