What kind of software is this, please give me advise!

Rob Griffith robg at well.com
Wed May 1 23:50:22 EST 1996

I have a friend who got a similar CD, but unfortunately it contained a
virus which wiped out her hard disk entirely.  It ended up costing her
about 30 hours of time and around $3000 to replace stuff, except some
files that are lost forever.  I recommend that you just load
everything from that CD onto your hard drive and see what happens!!!
Maybe you will be lucky, and your CD won't have any viruses.

veloo at worldaccess.nl (Ronald / Sonja) wrote:

>Hello out there,

>Here is my story ..................

>Via some friends I got a CD-rom from the Middle East which contains about 600 
>Mb of valuable software. Of course, I know, this is not a legal copy and you 
>won't find it in a normal store in the western countries like Europe, Australia 
>and US. Anyway, I don't mind of course about this. After installation of the 
>most valuable software like Windows95 (& Plus Options), MS Backoffice products 
>and Corel Draw 6 (yes, it's true, all on one CD!) there were some 30 other 
>applications left of which I regocnized a few and did intall some of them. 
>However, after installation of one of these other products (Delrina Fax Pro) I 
>got very bad troubles with my system and after a few hours of sweating and lots 
>of frustration I decided to reinstall all the software.

>And here are my questions ................

>As I've told you, there were a lot of other applications of which I haven't got 
>the slightest idea what it is, and what I can do with it. Here are the names:

>1.  Quicken
>2.  Super Base 95
>3.  Side Kick
>4.  Soft Ram
>5.  Dashboard for Win95
>6.  Drag & File
>7.  Visual Foxpro
>8.  MacFee Scan
>9.  Power Builder 95 (+ Toolkits)
>10. Caligari Truespace
>11. Smart Page
>12. Novell Perfect Office
>13. Power Manager
>14. PC File V
>15. Fractal Design Painter
>16. Adobe Type Manager
>17. Avery Label Pro
>18. Code Wright v3.1
>19. Music Time v2.0

>Can you please e-mail me personally if you know one or more of these programs, 
>and you think it is worth intalling it. Of course I do not feel like intalling 
>useless programs and taking the risk to have problems again. I still take that 
>risk if I install one of the programs you hopefully will advice to me, but that 
>risk I want to take if the chance of getting new, usefull, programs is excists.

>Any advice on this is wellcome, also if you disadvice to install one of these 

>Thanks a lot, and greetings from the Netherlands!


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