Molecular Biology Programs on CD-ROM

Jeff Bryer jbryer at trog.mbb.sfu.ca
Thu May 2 12:55:26 EST 1996

I am considering putting together a CD-ROM that would contain
public-domain, freeware, and shareware molecular biology/biology/
chemistry/etc type programs (for example clustalw, Phylip,
fasta, GDE, treetool).  I wanted to find out what people 
thought of the idea.

This is completely a non-profit project.  The cost of the CD
(which I haven't set yet) will be just to recoup the cost of
the media and shipping.

Thanks to Don Gilbert, I plan on putting the ftp.bio.indiana.edu
archive onto the CD.

If people are interested in such a CD and the project goes ahead,
I will create a WWW page which will list what software will
go onto the CD.  And I hope to get feedback from people for
suggestions of additional software to go on to the CD and how
best to organize it.

Jeff Bryer

Jeff Bryer               | "Maybe VR.12 turns you into Fabio."
jbryer at darwin.mbb.sfu.ca |   -Duncan in Parallel Lives (VR.5)

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