Portable FlyBase server available for Drosophila data

FlyBase Project Members Flybase at fly.bio.indiana.edu
Fri Mar 29 17:13:45 EST 1996

The Drosophila informatics project FlyBase has available a 
portable server for helping biologists access a large set of 
Drosophila genome and related information.

The FlyBase server operating at Indiana is now fully portable to 
other Unix computer systems.  This service of FlyBase will let 
you overcome Internet slowdowns and broken connections, and have
rapid and reliable access to this material. 

This contains all the data, searching and browsing services 
published at the Indiana server, including primary gene, aberration, 
clone, people, reference, and stocks queries, graphic maps of 
genetic data, including a preliminary java-based map, and fly images.  

Some features of FlyBase are available only thru Internet links 
to the Harvard FlyBase Sybase server (http://morgan.harvard.edu). 
These include CytoSearch, SymbolSearch and TransposonSearch.

Currently you can use this portable server at

 FlyBase WWW @ Indiana, USA       http://flybase.bio.indiana.edu:7081/
 FlyBase Gopher @ Indiana, USA    gopher://flybase.bio.indiana.edu:7071/

 Flybase WWW @ E.B.I., UK         http://www.embl-ebi.ac.uk:7081/
 Flybase Gopher @ E.B.I., UK      gopher://www.embl-ebi.ac.uk:7071/

 FlyBase WWW @ ANGIS, Australia   http://www.angis.su.oz.au:7081/
 FlyBase Gopher @ ANGIS, Austral. gopher://gopher.angis.su.oz.au:7071/

 FlyBase WWW @ N.I.G., Japan      http://shigen.lab.nig.ac.jp:7081/
 FlyBase Gopher @ N.I.G., Japan   gopher://shigen.lab.nig.ac.jp:7071/

These servers are kept synchronized on a nightly basis; you will
find the same information on each one.

Our thanks go to the following for effort and resources for this:

  Rob Harper, Jose Valverde and others
  European Bioinformatics Institute 
  for FlyBase @ E.B.I, UK

  Tim Littlejohn and Camson Huynh
  Australian National Genomic Information Service 
  for FlyBase @ ANGIS, Australia

  Yukiko Yamazaki
  National Institute of Genetics, Japan
  for FlyBase @ N.I.G., Japan

How to start a portable FlyBase server

With adequate free disk space on a Unix computer, a computer manager
can set up the same search and browsing service thru HTTP and 
Gopher Internet methods at your site.  It is possible to set this 
system up on an isolated TCP/IP network. 

-- Sun Sparc, DEC Alpha and SGI Irix5 computers are currently supported
   with binaries. All source code is available and it compiles on most Unix

-- Allow about 500 megabytes total disk space

-- Time required for a computer manager to set up may be a few hours, 
   and very little to maintain, since automatic scripts handle this.

-- Fetch the starter kit this way

  ftp flybase.bio.indiana.edu
  user: fbserver
  password: FlyBase
  ftp> get Readme   
  ftp> get Install

For details, see

Please contact Don Gilbert, gilbertd at bio.indiana.edu, if you
run into any problems or have any questions about this.

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