CLUSTAL -> MSF convertor

James Knight knight at quad.cs.ucdavis.edu
Fri Mar 29 16:09:24 EST 1996

Jun Ishikawa (jun at nih.go.jp) wrote:
: In article <4jdjbm$mn7 at ratatosk.uio.no> rodrigol at biotek.uio.no (Rodrigo Lopez) writes:
: > readseq is another program that can convert multiple sequence alignment files
: > from/to a variety of formats including GCG's MSF, clustal and phylip.

: I tried to use readseq, but failed:

: Readseq, really, can covert Clustal to MSF? 
: Or, new version exists? # I used to version 1Feb93.

No, readseq cannot read Clustal files.  However, I do have a file conversion
program that does read Clustal files, however it cannot convert it to MSF.
It can convert it to fasta or PHYLIP and from there you can use readseq to
convert it to MSF (since I've never seen MSF files or documentation on the
file format, I have not been able to include it my software).

This has actually caught me about three days from the full release of the
software, however all of the programming and testing is complete and
I only have the documentation to finish.  If you can wait until Monday
or Tuesday, the software will be available to ftp.  If not, send me mail
and I can make a pre-release version available to you.


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