ABnet- the Australian Bioinformatics Network

Tim Littlejohn tim at angis.su.OZ.AU
Thu Mar 28 17:15:43 EST 1996

The ABnet bioinformatics mail list is now available.  Anyone interested 
in the future of bioinformatics in Australia is invited to subscribe.  
For information on ABnet and how to get involved, please read the message 

ABnet- The Australian Bioinformatics NETwork

Bioinformatics is one of the newest disciplines in Science: it is multi-
disciplinary, spanning a range of specialities that includes biology,
computer science, mathematics and statistics. Bioinformatics has a broad
scope, being concerned with not just research and education, but service,
support and training. 

ABnet will serve as a mechanism for uniting all groups across Australia 
that have an interest in bioinformatics. It will provide a forum for 
discussion, collaboration, exchange of ideas, conferences organisation, 
and as a means of bringing like-minded individuals together. ABnet will 
initially be a collection of email lists to promote communication, 
supported by a WWW site.  The philosophy behind ABnet is that we can all 
achieve much more by communicating and working together than we can in 

ABnet will have a number of themes, including: 

    * Research-   new algorithms, databases, user interfaces, etc.
    * Education-  issues relevant to bioinformatics education from  
                  secondary through to post-graduate levels. Education 
                  issues pertain to bioinformatics as a discipline as 
                  well as to biologists who use bioinformatics tools
    * Employment- employment opportunities in bioinformatics in Australia
                  and abroad
    * Support-    focusing on individuals offering bioinformatics support
                  to biologists
    * Service-    issues relating to providing bioinformatics services 
                  (database, analysis, information management, etc)
    * Training-   raising skills levels in using bioinformatics resources 
                  and interpreting results
    * Meetings-   upcoming meetings & workshops of interest
    * Genomics-   genome bioinformatics, especially as they pertain to 
                  the new Australian Genome and Proteome facilities

Special Interest Groups (SIG) can be set up based the interest shown by
the community, and these can have their own email lists established on
request.  If you would like to set up a SIG in ABnet, start by mailing a
suggestion to the ABnet mail list to identify individuals with similar 

The ABnet mailing list has been set up as a forum for discussion.  As a
subscriber to this mailing list, you can contribute to the discussion, or
just "listen" to the comments of others.  However, your input is welcome
and invited.  The ABnet list is not moderated, and anyone can join.

To subscribe to the list send mail to:

majordomo at angis.su.oz.au 

with no subject heading and in the body of the message type:

subscribe abnet your-email-address

where "your-email-address" is the preferred email address you would like 
ABnet messages sent to.  You can simply type:

subscribe abnet

and the email account you are mailing from will be used, and all email 
sent to the ABnet list will be sent to that address.

After subscribing, you will receive an automatic message acknowledging 
your registration, and a second automatic message welcoming you. To post 
message to the list, simply send email to:

    abnet at angis.su.oz.au

For further information on ABnet, contact Tim Littlejohn, ABnet convenor, 

     tim at angis.su.oz.au

and at:


| ABnet is run from AGIC, The Australian Genomic Information Centre, home |
|      of ANGIS, the Australian National Genomic Information Service      |
|                       http://www.angis.su.oz.au                         |

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