protease clivage sites

Roger rm at clye.its.unimelb.edu.au
Thu Mar 28 01:35:09 EST 1996

In article <briff-2703961218260001 at biq-mac1.biq.fundp.ac.be>, briff at biq.fundp.ac.be (Pascal Briffeuil) wrote:
>Dear bionetters,
>I would like to find a program that would, with the primary sequence only,
>be able to point at putative protease clivage sites for various proteases.
>I already had an unsuccessful look at the Pedro's biomolecular research tools.
>If such a program doesn't exist I would nevertheless be interested in
>getting information about protease clivage sites for various proteases,
>consensus target sequences...
>Thanks in advance for your help.
>Pascal Briffeuil, PhD
>Department of Molecular & Structural Biology
>University of Namur
>E-mail briff at biq.fundp.ac.be
Many programs are available that incorporate this sort of predictive strategy. 
One that we use is called Peptide Companion and is available from 
CoshiSoft/PeptiSearch (CSPS) at P.O. Box 68212, Tucson, Az 85737, fax (602) 
742-9252.  |t only costs US$60-70 and is useful for MW calculations, structure 
predictions, HPLC profile predictions etc.


Roger Murphy

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